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Our story

Legend Studios started with a small studio in 2012 in Derby, UK. From the outset, Legend Studios specialised in Fairy tale photos, using a green screen and digital backdrops. We were one of the first studios in the UK to do this type of photography. In 2014 we partnered with the Toy shop Toys R Us. We set up our studio in their store at the Derby, Nottingham and Leicester branch. We kept our prices low and attracted a huge following. We did thousands of photo shoots in the East Midlands. Just as we were about to expand into Toys R Us stores in other areas, the devastating news hit that Toys R Us was closing at very short notice. We had put all our eggs in one basket, so to speak, so we had no choice but to close.


I used this time out for parenting, and put Legend Studios on hold for a while. During this time I spent a lot of time looking on Instagram and I loved looking at the fabulous parties and events that were held by celebrities. I also looked at how fiestas are celebrated in Latin America and Spain, how every events were decorated to look amazing, and special occasions were not just weddings. I also considered my own child's last party, which consisted of little more than a bouncy castle and chicken nuggets. I decided this time his party would be fabulously fun and Instagram perfect. I watched a load of You Tube videos to understand how to do balloon garland, and undertook a course in sewing to make the backdrops. I was already good at photoshop, so adding touches like the cardboard cutouts were no problem. The party was a hit, and very soon friends and family were asking for balloon decor and party decorations. I made lots of backdrops and party decorations, and started my party backdrop business. Then Covid hit...

So yet again I was back to square one. With time spare, I took a lot of photos on my phone and started playing around with photo manipulations for fun. I realised how great mobile phone cameras had become. That it was no longer necessary to have a studio and lighting and expensive equipment. Photo editing can all be done on photoshop. So I decided to reopen Legend Studios, this time allowing customers to buy photo editing online, to create fairy tale photos from picture they took on their very own phone. And that's how Legend Studios is today.

I did not forget about my party backdrop business. As soon as the Covid restrictions were lifted, I completed a balloon professional course with Qualatex and restarted my party hire business. 


I am now running my two businesses, Legend Studios and Party Panels.

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